Booking & Travel

Booking & Travel

Booking & Travel is one of the most saturated markets within the travel industry. 

The rising development of On Demand Services, Big Data Analysis and AI has certainly helped companies handle the growing number of bookings and the increasing variations those bookings have to offer.  

Now with the competition so fierce, there is a need for increased focus on UX Enhancement (and through this, a growing number of self-learning chatbots), to persuade users to stay on one site rather than straying to others for comparisons. 


Investment timeline

Below we’ve highlighted some of the key startups within Travel & Booking which have announced new funding this year.

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Traveltech Trends 2017/18, showcases the latest global technology trends and investments in the travel industry; profiling the world’s Top 150 startups and agile corporates reimagining todays products, services, and business models.

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Traveltech Trends 2017/18 summary report reveals the key trends and the game-changers to watch.

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