Changing the way consumers book their holidays

Wayblazer, the smart travel search system, is changing the way consumers book their holidays. It was founded in 2014 by Terry Jones - who also founded Travelocity and is the founding chairman of Kayak.com - and Manoj Saxena, the former GM of IBM Watson.


Austin, US



$5m from 1 Round

Expert Analysis

The B2B platform built for brands and agencies, which uses cognitive technology powered by IBM Watson, offers users personalised recommendations of hotels, rentals, tours and more. It understands context and intent, providing pictures and reviews relevant to the individual searcher and their needs. Early testing indicated an 81% improvement to the quality of search results and a 23% reduction of the time spent in the shopping to booking process. The Wayblazer platform grows smarter with every use, and is able to process and use natural language. Its ability to provide everything needed during the search process not only gives its customers an easy search system, but also improves the conversion rate for those businesses featured, making it a popular choice for both.

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