Waverly Labs

Waverly Labs

An in-ear language translator

Pilot, the revolutionary product from Waverly Labs, is the first in-ear language translator. The wireless, wearable technology can also be used for streaming music, voice calls and audio notification for your phone.


New York City, US



$2.6M from 2 Rounds

Expert Analysis

Pilot, the first product from Waverly Labs, was funded through IndieGogo and has already received over $5 million in pre-orders for their product launch in late 2017.The earpieces and their accompanying translation app are currently available in 15 languages. Whilst the translations aren't always perfect, the product allows people to have a flowing conversation in two different languages. The potential for communication improvement in both business and tourism is huge.Waverly Labs plans to continue expanding Pilot's language bank, and improving the speed and accuracy with which the wearable technology can translate.

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