A quick and easy way to book a hotel

SnapTravel is a quick and easy way to book a hotel - you simply message SnapTravel on SMS, Facebook, Viber or Slack with your travel details and they find you the ideal room - no multi-site search or app downloads needed.


San Francisco, US


$9.2M from 2 Rounds

Expert Analysis

The startup utilises unsold hotel inventory to find highly discounted prices, which it is allowed to do because it is a private, 1-on-1 messaging service. They also learn their customers preferences through continued use, then makes recommendations based on previous choices.SnapTravel has a strong team behind it, including Hussein Fazal, the co-founder and CEO of AdParlor and Acott Brooker, the former President of Earlier in 2017 they announced that they had already taken over $1 million in revenue over Facebook Messenger. SnapTravel is currently looking to expand its global reach by launching on other platforms including WeChat and Line.

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