Kayak & Amazon Alexa

Kayak & Amazon Alexa

Book a hotel room using just your voice

"Thanks to a brand new update to Alexa, you can now book a hotel room using just your voice. Kayak, the travel search engine, has recently updated its Alexa ""skill"", enabling those that have linked their account with Alexa to have their accommodation taken care of by the Amazon's smart personal assistant.By simply asking to book you a hotel through Kayak, Alexa will narrate through a variety of options. When the right accommodation has been found, Alexa will continue to take care of the booking process, talking through the booking process with the user. The transaction itself will be dealt with by a Kayak partner, such as Booking.com.Voice-activated hotel bookings can be seen as a risky choice, but Kayak is confident the latest update will be a popular one. To ensure no one makes any costly mistakes, only rooms that can be cancelled for free are available through Alexa. Whilst booking a hotel without first seeing it still means putting a lot of faith into the smart assistant, it could certainly be a useful tool for business travellers who often make the same trips, and are therefore already familiar with hotels in the area they are travelling to. Kayak are also planning to integrate this new skill with Amazon's Echo Show device too, meaning they will be able to provide pictures and further visual information to those wanting to book a hotel with just their voice. "


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