Hyperloop one

Hyperloop one

A brand new mode of transport using hyperloop technology

Hyperloop is a brand new mode of transport: an electromagnetically levitated pod uses a linear electric motor to move at speeds of up to 670mph in a low-pressure tube, with no noise and no turbulence.


Los Angeles, US



$226M from 5 Rounds

Expert Analysis

Hyperloop has the potential to be the biggest disruption in transportation since aeroplanes were invented. Hyperloop One - named as such by the company's firm belief that they will be the first to deliver the hyperloop service - will be green, efficient and fast, getting consumers to their desired destinations far quicker than aeroplanes, trains or cars. It could completely transform long distance travel as we know it.Hyperloop One has had significant funding since it first launched in 2014. The company is working towards the ambitious aim of having three production systems in service by 2021.

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