Google Trips

Google Trips

Helping users find and organise the perfect holiday

"Using a combination of Google Maps data and content contributions from travellers, the app is a guide on everything from activities, food and how to get around - wherever the user is in the world. Every location has a ""Need To Know"" section, giving background information and important details should know before visiting, as well as a ""Things To Do"" space, ready to inspire would-be travellers. Users can save reservations and attractions users may want to visit, and an option to explore pre-planned day trips (complete with a map) that can be used as a guide. The app is available offline too, meaning that users don't have to worry about data roaming fees when abroad. The app has proved exceedingly popular, with over a million downloads on the Play Store alone. With Google Flights and Google Maps already well established, could we expect a Google accommodation app next?"


Mountain View, US


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