AirBnB Trips

AirBnB Trips

Bringing together places, experiences, and flights and services

In one of its biggest shake ups since it was founded nearly 10 years ago, Airbnb has launched Trips. The move marks a big expansion for Airbnb - rather than just providing alternative accommodation to hotels, the company aims to eventually offer services for all parts of a trip, raising the bar once again in their competition with OTAs. Trips will encompass three arms: Places and Homes, Experiences, and Flights and Services.Already famous for their accommodation offerings, Airbnb has been working steadily on Experiences for the last year. Initially launched with 500 experiences in 12 cities across the globe, it has since expanded to around 2000 experiences, with thousands more in the application process.The expansion has been growing steadily, with the number of monthly guests using Experiences growing sixfold since January, with over 90% of the experiences receiving an average review of five stars.Airbnb ultimately want to handle every part of a travellers journey. With their phenomenal success so far, it'll be interesting to see the approach Airbnb take to the already-saturated Flights market whilst on their way to travel industry domination.


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